Attention SLS Duraform Users

From: Marc D Karnik (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 15:59:18 EEST

     We have been running DTM's Duraform material since January of 1998. We
     are happy with the physical properties and also the way the material
     runs in the Sinterstation.
     We were experiencing difficulty in sifting the Duraform with our Vorta
     Siv using an 80 mesh screen. We contacted Vic Maroscher at MM Vorta Siv
     about this.
     After attempting to sift a sample of the powder, Vic concluded that the
     material was "binding" in the screen and not going through. He
     suggested an ultrasonic attachment that would "excite" the 80 mesh
     We have recently taken delivery of this product. The results have been
     dramatic. The Duraform material flows through the sifter quickly and
     easily. Prior to this we spent hours sifting, this time has been
     reduced to minutes. We now routinely sift all the powder going back
     into the machine, including the unused powder in the feeds.
     We are very pleased with the performance of this sifter upgrade. It has
     taken the misery out of sifting powder. Also, airborne powder has been
     reduced due to dramatically shorter sifting times. This product really
     For more information contact Vic Maroscher at Vorti Siv. His number is
     Marc Karnik
     Whirlpool Corporation

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