Re[2]: Attention SLS Duraform Users

From: Marc D Karnik (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 17:51:00 EEST

     Contract negotiations are currently underway ....
     Seriously, we really are happy with the sifter and I just wanted to
     share this info with everyone.

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Subject: Re: Attention SLS Duraform Users
Author: "Harvest Technologies" <> at Internet
Date: 6/3/98 9:15 AM

> We are very pleased with the performance of this sifter upgrade. It
> has taken the misery out of sifting powder. Also, airborne powder has
> been reduced due to dramatically shorter sifting times. This product
> really works.
> For more information contact Vic Maroscher at Vorti Siv. His number
> is 330-332-4958.
Hey Marc, how much you gettin' paid for this?
Harvest Technologies
Rapid Prototyping Services
(254) 742-1822

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