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Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 20:11:27 EEST

Fully-cured SL patterns should not present a dermal sensitization problem
when handling as the sensitizing components of the epoxy are now immobilized
as a result of the cure. HOWEVER, any material can cause dermal
sensitization in some people under the wrong conditions. Sensitization
and/or a sensitization response assumes some chemical is coming off of the
SL model and penetrating dermal tissue.

Skin penetration, inhalation and ingestion are the 3 routes of entry. When
someone is hyper-sensitive to epoxies, they can't be in the same room when
epoxy parts are present as there are some trace vapors and epoxy dust in the
air. Most people don't react this severely, if at all. I'm not brave
enough to use an SL model as a drinking cup or eating utensil.

I am very sensitive to uncured epoxy resins, but have not developed any
reactions to handling/post-processing cured SL parts.

Why tempt fate? Be careful and don't take unnecessary risks with your
health. Besides, a store-bought ceramic cup is microvavable, much cheaper
and has no unsightly polygons!

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> Subject: Cured resin safety
> Does anyone have any information (or thoughts) regarding
> the safety of handling "cured" SLA patterns?
> I know personally the problems with exposure to liquid
> resins, but we see large numbers of people handling
> finished patterns without reactions.
> Could this just be a matter of too little exposure?
> Could an SLA pattern be used in a food handling application
> where it would contact the consumable?
> Or would it risk causing tongue rashes worldwide?
> Steve Patton
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