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From: Innomation Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd., (
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 11:59:27 EEST

hi list,

we have developed a process to create a single interpolated surface from
STL directly. this function does not require any Surfacer macro but a
simple Visual Basic program to do the trick.

we have now been able to create just only one single interpolated surface
from a good STL file and if the Surfacer end-users out there are interested
... pls reply this email to me.

i have found that for this type of interpolated surface is not potable into
SolidWorks but we can import them into MicroStation. pls try when you have
created the interpolated surfaces into various CAD such as UG, ProEngineer,
Catia etc. and let me know your findings.

Thank You
joseph sim

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