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Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 21:27:15 EEST

Hi Smit,
        The device I am using to measure the surface roughness on FDM
parts is a Sheffield Surface Profile System (its not a hand-held
device & is contact type) manufactured by Giddings & Lewis.
Its a very versatile machine & will certainly be able to measure in the range
you need & more. It also comes with a wonderful software 'ProfileView' , which
will give you lots of statistical information.
        Here are some other devices which MAY suit your needs:

1. Manufacturer - Zygo. principle - interferometry.
2. ----do------ - Zeiss. both laser & contact type.
3. ----do------ - Hommel. Hand held, contact type.

Sorry couldnt be of much help. The only roughness measuring m/c I have used
other than a Taylor Hobson Surtronic 3(which couldnt measure the whole range
of surf. roughness I needed & neither will it be useful for you) is the
Sheffield device: it can measure roughness of
ground surfaces as well as horribly stair-stepped RP parts.


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On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, smit, a. de wrote:

> Dear Gautham Kattethota, Al Hastbacka or any other who might know,
> about a month ago I read some mails on the topic of surface roughness.
> I am looking for equipment to measure surface rougness on plasic-foams.
> (polystyrene, XPS)
> typical values are 10 micro-meters RA and 70 micro-meters Rmax.
> (1 micro-meter = 40 micro inch I think)
> Does any of you know of a device capable of measuring these types of
> rougnesses.
> It should preferably be a hand held device and also preferably use a non
> contact principle for measuring (optical?)
> I would like to have brand names and names of manufacturers or
> resellers.
> thanks in advance
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