Re: Too many SB's & a little late

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 05:36:28 EEST


    Would you please clarify? You seem at first to be implying that machines
other than the Sanders can hold 0.002 inch tolerance. But then your data
talks about holding 0.010 to 0.014 inch. Accuracy has always been a complex
issue. What point are you actually making here?

Marshall Burns


> Hmmmm, two thousandths of an inch. Are you saying that all RP equipment
> except Sanders is only accurate to that or is this only the Actua?
> Of course the Actua (and Z-Corp and other concept modelers) will not
> hold tooling tolerances. If we are talking about SLA & LOM, we
> consistantly hold 0.25-0.35mm (0.010-0.014 inch) tolerance evben on full
> envelope parts. I have many CMM printouts to support that. Maybe the
> folks in question just don't know how to dial in their machines?

Marshall Burns

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