Re: To many SB; and a slightly OT question.

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Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 14:29:49 EEST

>Hi list
>I was away from my bench for a while therefore a delayd responce on the
>topic of too many SBs.
>I do not know the situation in US but while visiting Hannover Messe, which
>is the biggest industrial show in Europe, I could not spot a single SB or RP
>machinery provider there. Several moulders and casters had RP patterns on
>display showing how advanced they are, but if asked, they said that they get
>their patterns from SBs, no inhouse equipment. For me it spells that in
>Europe the SBs are so busy working instead of looking for new opportunities
>that there should be plenty of space for more.
>Since the exhibition grounds are huge I could have missed them, but I asked
>specifically for rapid prototyping from the information booths.
>Priit Kull

Hi Priit,

When looking for SBs in Germany, do try the Euromould exhibition,
every december in Frankfurt. This one is crowded with SBs looking
for new customers (no expanation why they are not in Hannover though).

Here you can find companies active in measuring as well.

BTW: where does the 'ee' in your email adress stand for ?


Lex Lennings.

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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