Re: To many SB; and a slightly OT question.

From: Priit Kull (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 15:47:50 EEST

>BTW: where does the 'ee' in your email adress stand for ?
>Lex Lennings.

Dear Mr. Lex Lennings

Thank you, I will definitely be on Euromold.

.ee is the domain name for Estonia, which is a place I am living in. This is
a small country south from Finland, west from Russia, north from Latvia,
east from Baltic Sea. Nothing much really, but qute.

BTW: the .kodu. part of the address stands for home in english and to give a
full answer the tre part of the address is short for Tööriista Ekspert,
which is the name of my company providing engineering services (translated
to english means Tool Expert).

Priit Kull

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