Specific Info on Shoe design

From: LEMS.BLR@RMD.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net.in
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 15:15:09 EEST

 To Mr :Ross Gates

 Fm : Thomas Karunakaran.

I need the following specific info on Shoe design

I understand that this would mean that you would be going out of the way to get
such Information from your prospects. However , I would be very grateful if you
can find out and send me this information

 1) Are they using RP for Shoe Last design also ?

 2)Are they using Prototypes made on RP systems as masters/patterns for
secondary tooling processes like Vacuum casting Etc.

 3) Brief description of how RP is being used by them for Shoe design.

 4) Benefits they have gained using RP.


 Thomas Karunakaran.

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