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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 23:28:31 EEST

To instructors using "Automated Fabrication" in your courses,

    Ennex Corporation has created a section on our Web site to link to courses that
use the book, "Automated Fabrication," as a text. Please reply to this message with
the Web address (URL) for your course Web page.

    To see how the link will look, please see Please let me know if
you have any suggestions for improving how we do this.

    We would appreciate it if you would also link your course Web page back to our
site. To do this, please link to
Please let me know about the link.

    If you know of others using this book for a course, please pass this message on
to them or tell me and I will contact them.

    By the way, you will be happy to know that I have found a collaborator to work
on the revised edition, which will be available late this year or early next year. I
may come back to you again later to ask if you would like to review a draft.

    Thank you for your support of "Automated Fabrication."

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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