Pressure Vessel

From: Steve Hengsperger (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 00:30:41 EEST

Good Day!

We here at Advantage Engineering have a complete vacuum casting system
capable of casting into molds in the 120"x48"x48" range. Our only
limitation at this point is the actual shot size (~15 lbs.) but we are
working on increasing the size of the cups that the robot can handle. I
realize this isn't a "pressure vessel" as requested, but it is along the
same lines. We also have a 2nd vacuum casting machine (MCP) capable of
casting into molds in the 35"x25"x25" range.

The materials used in both these machines can be matched very closely to
most production material properties. Our capabilities also include color
matching and producing void free clear parts.

Steve Hengsperger
(519)737-7535 x12
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