Time to go....

From: Stahlhut (tstahl@pop.iquest.net)
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 03:25:30 EEST

To all the Rapid Prototypers that I have worked with during the past 7
years, I find it necessary to say goodbye. In their infinite wisdom my
"high tech" company has decided to close the rapid prototyping capability
that they have used for the past 7 years and lay off the rapid prototyping
team (along with 365 other good people).

I have very much enjoyed working with all of you, especially those back in
the early days of rapid prototyping when we had to do things the hard way.
I hope to be able to rejoin you at a later date after getting a new
position with a forward looking company.

If anyone knows of any positions in the Indianapolis, IN area in the Rapid
Prototyping/CAD/CAM/ Mechanical Engineering fields please drop me a line at
the Email address below:

Todd Stahlhut
tstahl@pop.iquest.net (this is my home email address)

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