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Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 17:50:12 EEST

One of the european software companies (I belive it was Materialize) presented
something in dental implants at the RP Conference in Dearborn. I am sure one
of the company folks would see your posting but in any case they were talking
about actually releasing software in due course of time that dealt with
dental implants. If you cant more info let me know and I will dig thru the
proceedings to see what elsemight be there !!

> From Tue Jun 9 06:36:49 1998
> Medical Modelling as an application area for RP is considered as a sleeping
> Giant by many. At this point of Time , we are working with a Government
> organisation in India to set up a Medical Modelling site in India.
> We have with us various case studies of RP being used in Custom Orhopeadics
> Neurosurgery etc.
> Of particular Interest is some information on Dental surgery, Dental IMplant
> surgery using RP or RP as a aid to dental surgery.
> We would be grateful if this info can be passed on to us regards.
> Dr H.V Prakash
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