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Seems like a lot of bitterness here by a certain individual. Some people
just can not accept the success and accomplishments of other respected
individuals in the business and how there contributions help to make it
what it is today. There are a lot of us out here working in RP because of
Chuck Hall and 3D Systems and my thanks go out to them as I am making a
very respectable living. I feel there is plenty of room for growth and good
clean competition from other vendors. I feel this is good for business. So
lets stop throwing daggers and lets work together to improve the business
and make it cost effective for everyone.

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Dear List,

For centuries, people thought the earth was the center of the universe.
I believe it was Copernicus who first wrote formulas for the motion of
heavenly bodies. Subsequently, Newton wrote the laws of gravity, force
and other great works. When asked how he accomplished such a task, his
reply was simply, "I could see far because I stood on the shoulders of
giants." I have always enjoyed the fact that he gave credit to his
predecessors. I wish to acknowledge the true founders of the RP
industry who were men of vision, rather than men claiming to have
vision. The two principal founders of this industry were Kodama, of
Japan, and Herbert, of the U.S.A. Of course, there are many others that
deserve credit for their contributions to the commercialization of RP

Myths are created on illusion and myths are destroyed by reality.

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

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