fe mesh to .stl

From: Greg Morwood (g.morwood@swc.qmi.asn.au)
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 06:32:05 EEST

Hi all,

I looked through the archives and saw some discussion on finite element
mesh to .stl conversions and I am wondering if this has gone any

I am trying to take a solid FE mesh and export that to .stl format. At
the moment, I have a solid mesh in I-DEAS .unv format. I am planning the
following steps:

1)surface coat the solid mesh, in I-DEAS
2)export those shell elements as .unv
3)convert the data format, calculating the facet normals as you go
4)check/correct the facet normal directions with additional software

I think this approach is the best using the tools I have. Has anyone
already written this conversion code, or have a better solution?


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