Honey spinners and other nonsense

From: Denton, Karl R. KD1588 (KDenton@williams-int.com)
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 20:23:00 EEST

Hello all,

A couple of things.....

1st - for those of you that use honey spinners to extract resin from
QuickCast parts how do you clean your honey spinner?

2nd - I have been biting my tong about the Albert Young emails and have
come to the following conclusion: He is probably getting exactly what he
wants with such listings...What happens every time he sends a note out?
 We spend several days (if not weeks) talking about him and Aeroflex. He
is getting us to think about his company whether we like it or not.
 Personally I don't see anything wrong with his attempts to keep Aeroflex
on the minds of the community, what I don't like is the constant
melodramatic tone to his notes. So to Mr. Young... I invite you to send
some meaningful/technical dialog about your process or company I would be
interested in learning more about it. You can keep all of the
melodramatic dribble to your self, although I have Aeroflex on my mind
because of the constant tone to your notes I'm loosing the respect for
you. And that may be required to take your company seriously enough to
consider your equipment.


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