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Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 18:50:04 EEST

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Andrew M. Torres wrote:

> Hi Allen,
> Your field is completely new to me, but I have been trying to reconstruct
> fossil algae
> embedded in limestone using CT scans rendered into a 3-D data volume on my PC.
> The software I use is called T3D (Fortner). I wondered if you might take a
> moment
> to browse my web page which briefly explains what I am doing, and then
> sending me
> your phone number so we could discuss possible stereolithography
> applications. Or,
> could you put me in touch with someone who may be interested in such a
> project.
> Best, Andy
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Prof. Torres

I have seen your site and it sounds very interesting. I can tell you that
my colleague, Gabriel Chu is working with an assistant Proffessor here at
U of M, Scott Hollister on building stereolithography models from CT data.
While the source of the data is not algae fossiles, but human bone, the
technique doesn't care. Feel free to contact either Gabe or Scott (they're
cc'd on this emial) and I'm sure they can give you some excellent advice
on the best way to take CT data and turn it into a physical model.

I've also forwarded your message to an industry mailing list - the Rapid
Prototyping mailing list. This list is comprised of industry and academic
leaders in RP techniques, which includes stereolithography. I'm sure you
will get some responses regarding this interesting application.

Good Luck,

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