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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 08:13:48 EEST

Hi Ron:

We do have water clear polyurethane material called PC2000VS/G2000VS.
It has the following basic properties:
Shore D 78-82, Pot life: 4-6 minutes, De-mold time: 30-40 minutes
Glass transition: 160-170 F.
Complete technical data sheet is available on our web site at:

It is best to fill the mold under vacuum. If the vacuum system is not
available or the mold can not be vented properly, you can use a pressure
tank. The mold has to be pre-heated to 140 deg. F, and filled mold must
be cured at 140 deg. F as well. You should not use a mold release,
since it can create a frosty surface.

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Ron Hollis wrote: > > Question > > What is the best polyurethane material (manufacturer) for casting > clear parts? > > What are some special processes required over traditional polyurethane > castings? (e.g. heating RTV, heating materials, etc.) > > Any particular issues with silicone (tin vs. platinum cure)? > > Any information is appreciated. > > Ron Hollis >

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