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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 12:18:10 EEST

> (SURFACEWORKS) SurfaceWorks Ships SurfaceWorks, the First Robust Surface
>Modeling Software for SolidWorks
> (Business Wire; 06/10/98)

>SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 10, 1998--The SurfaceWorks
>division of AeroHydro, Inc. announces the premiere shipment of
>SurfaceWorks(TM), breakthrough software that extends SolidWorks' solid
>modeling functionality with associative, freeform surface modeling
>capabilities. Previewed at the 1998 NDES Show and Exhibition, SurfaceWorks
>is launched on schedule and with praise from beta users.

>SurfaceWorks is a SolidWorks add-in product that synergistically combines
>solid and surface modeling for mechanical engineering and industrial
>design. SurfaceWorks enables SolidWorks users to model freeform parts
>that, ordinarily, would be difficult or impossible to model using
>SolidWorks. Using SurfaceWorks, designers can incorporate freeform
>surfaces into the design of SolidWorks parts and assemblies while
>maintaining bi-directional associativity and full relational edibility.
>SurfaceWorks allows SolidWorks customers to design freeform parts that
>previously could only be created using far more expensive design software.

>SurfaceWorks beta users have encouraging remarks about the product,
>including commentary from Thieu Huynh, designer, Alden Products:
>"SurfaceWorks is easier to use than a workstation program such as I-DEAS
>or Unigraphics." Craig Egan, designer from Kuraykan, adds, "Using
>SurfaceWorks, the complexity of the shapes which can be created is
>amazing. This is evident even though I have only scratched the surface of
>knowing what this program is capable of doing."

>Michael Shook, SurfaceWorks' chief operating officer, says, "We are very
>pleased to offer a product that so many SolidWorks customers can use to
>improve productivity and product quality. We believe that the first
>offering of SurfaceWorks is just the beginning of pairing state-of-the-art
>surfacing technology with world-class production CAD technology from
>SolidWorks. We are very encouraged by what our beta users have told us and
>we are committed to continuing to upgrade the technology to meet
>industrial design customer demands for surfacing functionality. Based on
>our understanding of the designer community and our industry experience,
>we are keenly focused on offering the best surfacing technology to
>SolidWorks users."

>SurfaceWorks is available for Windows NT/95-based systems and costs US $2,995.

>About SurfaceWorks

>Established in 1997, SurfaceWorks is a division of parent company
>AeroHydro, Inc. SurfaceWorks leverages AeroHydro's 25 years of innovation
>in developing CAD software for the marine industry. The combination of
>SurfaceWorks' industrial strength surface modeling with SolidWorks results
>in an unprecedented value for engineers seeking a "mid-priced" industrial
>design solution. This combination will allow "mid-priced" modeling
>solutions to be used by a much wider audience in a range of industries
>including industrial design, consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, and
>industrial equipment.

>SurfaceWorks is located at AeroHydro's corporate headquarters in Southwest
>Harbor, ME. The SurfaceWorks product will be sold primarily through
>SolidWorks' value-added resellers throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.
>AeroHydro, Inc. pioneered CAD software for designing ships and boats more
>than 20 years ago and they continue to be a leader in the marine design
>industry. Their products are based on their patented Relational Geometry
>engine, which uniquely combines relational modeling constructs with
>freeform surface design. AeroHydro's other products include MultiSurf(R),
>an industry leading marine design CAD package. SurfaceWorks extends the
>company's product offerings as well as its target audience.

>CONTACT: SurfaceWorks
>Michael Shook, 207/244-4100
>Public relations contact:
>Laura Carrabine, 412/441-1039

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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