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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 17:25:05 EEST

There are a variety of choices depending on the needs:
- what kind of precision is needed
- what kind of measuring speed is required
- what kind of model output is needed
- how much money you can spend

Some of your choices are:

- a scanner (laser or other) mounted on a motion device such as a large
CMM (accurate, programmable). Hymarc makes a laser scanner that is
often mounted on CMMs (large & small)

- a photogrametric system (put targets on the part and take pictures, or
take pictures and process the image pairs offline (cheap, ??). Sorry, I
don't have contact info.

- move a retroreflective target over the part, and range the distance
and angle to the target (flexible, reasonably accurate). Some systems
use one laser interferometer to do this (industrial technology), others
use several systems (increased accuracy, complexity, cost).


Philip Teakle wrote:
> Dear list;
> We have a client who is interested in Reverse Engineering of large parts. I
> recall there are often discussions on 3D scanning and photography techniques
> to make 3D CAD models from physical parts. However I can't recall if they
> were commercially available or not.
> Could anyone with some knowledge on what is currently available in this area
> please contact me.
> Regards
> Raymond Hope
> Gilmore Engineers
> Queensland, Australia.
> Ph +61 7 3853 5250
> Fax +61 7 3853 5258
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