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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 22:07:51 EEST

Philip, or Raymond, some of the things to consider for what technique you use
are object complexity, size, dimensional accuracy replication and data interface
or need. A good site that contains a list of vendors as well as a description
of services is http://lamar.ColoState.EDU/~wohlers/ and the section is 3D
Digitizing and Reverse Engineering. SMS provides x-ray ct with internal and
external information that can translate to CAD or FEA. If you need any other
information, we are having another Reverse Engineering seminar in conjunction
with SME in December that is covering all of your up and coming questions.


Philip Teakle wrote:

> We have a client who is interested in Reverse Engineering of large parts. I
> recall there are often discussions on 3D scanning and photography techniques
> to make 3D CAD models from physical parts. However I can't recall if they
> were commercially available or not.
> Could anyone with some knowledge on what is currently available in this area
> please contact me.
> Regards
> Raymond Hope
> Gilmore Engineers
> Queensland, Australia.
> Ph +61 7 3853 5250
> Fax +61 7 3853 5258
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