From: Andrzejewski, Jan (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 14:33:00 EEST

Terry Wohlers wrote:

>This may seem obvious to most of us, but I know many people that don't do

>Several years ago, a friend explained that there are two kinds of computer
> 1) those that have lost their hard disk, and
> 2) those that will.

I think that this should be amended to three kinds of computer users:

3) those that are unlucky not to suffer a hard disk crash before their PC
becomes obsolete.

Having worked with workstations and PC s for more than 18 years it has never
happened to me or the many colleagues around, that a hard disk has died.
What has occurred is that computers have changed, or software updated at far
too regular a rate that data which should be shared within an organisation
or with second and third tier customers/suppliers can not due to

The other main problem, more so than dead hard drives, is that data saved
onto one type of media format and then stored away for safe keeping has to
be thrown away or considerable time and cost incurred to retrieve the data
because the media format and Operating System/commands have changed over the

But even so I'll still spend time to backup data..

Jan Andrzejewski

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