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The PCA almost an OVEN, except UV rather than convection. We use extra-wide
aluminum foil to cover the turn-table and routinely discard the soiled

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> Dear rp-ml:
> Has anybody figured out a novel way to keep the rotating reflective sheet
> metal platform clean in the PCA's?  It looks like you can easily scratch
> and mar the surface if you try to scrape resin off of it and we'd like to
> keep it polished and clean to aid in curing our parts.  We are looking at
> using 1/8 in. thick tempered glass and laying it on the platform - the
> glass would be easy to clean and it still permits the reflection of UV
> from the polished base.  The glass will weigh about 14 lbs and I'm
> wondering how well it will rotate with this extra weight on the platform. 
> Any additional thoughts or ideas?
> Thanks,
> Glenn Whiteside
> Cessna Aircraft Co.
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