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From: Peter Blacklin (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 16:38:57 EEST

Make sure the glass you use is transparent to the UV. Also check the effects of internal refraction so that you don't get any blind spots.
I would suggest that you offset the glass from the reflective surface by 1/2".

Have fun.

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<<File: ATT00006.htm>>Dear rp-ml:

Has anybody figured out a novel way to keep the rotating reflective sheet metal platform clean in the PCA's? It looks like you can easily scratch and mar the surface if you try to scrape resin off of it and we'd like to keep it polished and clean to aid in curing our parts. We are looking at using 1/8 in. thick tempered glass and laying it on the platform - the glass would be easy to clean and it still permits the reflection of UV from the polished base. The glass will weigh about 14 lbs and I'm wondering how well it will rotate with this extra weight on the platform. Any additional thoughts or ideas?


Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft Co.

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