Reverse Engineering or Engineering Backwards?

Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 09:18:47 EEST

     Glenn Whiteside said:
     I can envision the day when a designer may see a problem with a part
     when setting up a build in Maestro and be able to correct the problem
     right there and update the current design system-wide without having
     to log on to another workstation or CAD system.
     Explain to me why you want to make design changes at the RP level
     instead of in the system that designed the model.
     You seem to be asking for the same things that I am with regards to
     the integration of RP into the design system. Except that you want to
     add capabilities to an RP preparation program (Maestro) that already
     exist in many CAD modeling systems like FEA mesh generation,
     integration of FEA results back into the design (optimization),
     toolpath generation for NC machining...
     This is why I want the RP setup (Print Driver) added to the CAD system
     where the rest of the work is done.
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