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From: sabine stamm (
Date: Sun Jun 14 1998 - 18:45:12 EEST

Dear list,

as a German based design- and developing company, we are
looking for world-wide contacts, especially to all those who
are involved in motorcycle aftermarket parts and
accessories business ( RP and manufacturing).
In-house,we design using Solid Works and
Surfcam, our best skills are freeform prototyping on
3 axis high speed milling.
We will not invest in " in-house" RP technologies,
but in accordance with Michael Hammer's statements:
"Work should be done by whoever is best equipped to do it,
whichever organization has the best skills,
the most convenient opportunity or even the most
intense interest", we are looking for partnerships
to those who did. Most of the volume-production
parts are made from
aluminum, chrome plated.For market-testing, we are
looking for partners who are able to provide us
with small volume series which should not
differ from volume-production.
In order to enlarge our network, I will enjoy every
input from all those who are specialized in
the most convenient technologies or who might know who is.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

Sabine Stamm

Fa. Stamm
Obenitterstr. 15-21
42719 Solingen

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