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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 00:52:59 EEST

You may want to cantact Charley Harter at 713-227-7221.

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> Subject: Searching for equipment (repost)
> Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 2:10 PM
> I am writing this in hopes of locating used rapid prototyping equipment
> as SLC, SLA, CNC, and the like. We, the product design staff at Parsons
> of Design in NYC, have been setting up a RP lab for the past year. We
have a
> desktop CNC Milling machine and a 3d scanner. We're using a post
> from PTC and Pro/E to receive files from Alias, Max, SoftImage, Vellum,
> other packages. Despite all of this we are still lacking.
> Since we are an educational institution we can offer those interested in
> donating equipment a nice tax write-off. For many people this is as good
> better than reselling since the fair market value is not always an
> gauge.
> If you have or know of any available equipment please contact me by
> to this message or directly at (the default reply
address is
> my spam dump).
> Thanks for everyone's attention on this (again),
> Campbell Hyers
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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