Re[2]: Keeping PCA platform clean...

From: Lynda J Hurley (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 15:28:47 EEST

We just keep a roll of cheap wax paper next to our 3 ovens and cover the tray.
Change the paper as needed. By using wax paper, you will not have the reflection
that aluminum foil causes.

Lynda Hurley
Lockheed Martin
Rapid Prototyping Lab
Orlando, Florida

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Subject: RE: Keeping PCA platform clean...
Date: 6/12/98 8:04 AM

Good houskeeping practice, however, keep in mind that curing is
taking place underneath, due to reflection, and that surfaces that
reflect visible wavelengths (like chrome) do not necessarily reflect
UV wavelengths required in post cure.

Tom Husting
Advantage Prototype Systems

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