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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 15:58:37 EEST

EOS Launches New Glass-Filled Fine Polyamide PA 3200 GF

Load-Bearing Functional Prototypes in Design Quality

Planegg/Munich, June 1998: EOS, the leading European manufacturer of
Rapid Prototyping systems, has introduced a new laser-sintering material
for building close-to-series plastic prototypes directly from
three-dimensional CAD data in a quick and economical way. Parts made of
the new glass-filled and fine-grained polyamide PA 3200 GF show
extremely high accuracy and smooth surfaces. As a result, they are very
versatile and easy to finish. The new material is ideal for load-bearing
functional prototypes with design quality and is well suited for
building master patterns for vacuum casting. PA 3200 GF has been
successfully tested by beta-customers for several months and is now
commercially available from EOS at a cost of 79 D-Mark per kilogramme.

Economical Standard Polyamides
Along with the introduction of the new glass-filled polyamide PA 3200
GF, EOS has reduced the prices for standard polyamides. EOS customers
can now choose from a wide range of different materials according to
their particular application to get the best out of their
laser-sintering system in terms of costs and results. The standard
polyamides PA 1500 and PA 1300 GF, which are recommended for new users
and cases of extreme time and cost pressure, are now available at lower
prices. These polyamides with larger grain sizes are well suited for
building large parts with less critical surface requirements. This
allows cost and time reductions of up to 50 percent for simple
geometries. For high accuracy and detail reproduction of complex
geometries, however, the multi-functional fine polyamide PA 2200 is
recommended. This delivers durable, high-quality design models and
functional prototypes including flexible features such as snap
connectors and living hinges as well as master patterns for vacuum
casting. In addition to the various polyamides, EOSINT P laser-sintering
systems process polystyrene powders which are mainly used to build
patterns for investment casting.

EOSINT P 350 is the most productive commercially available
laser-sintering system for thermoplastics. Depending on the material, it
can produce parts up to a size of 350 mm x 350 mm x 590 mm with a
building speed in the z-direction of up to 25 mm/hour.

The addition of PA 3200 GF means that EOS currently offers a range of
nine different powder materials for its EOSINT laser-sintering systems,
including five thermoplastic-based powders, two metal powders and two
kinds of foundry sand.

Visitors to the K '98 in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 22nd - 29th October are
invited to take a look at the different EOSINT technologies at Stand 2 B
33 in Hall 2.

For further information visit the EOS Web-Site
or contact Elke Fritz, Tel: ++49-(0)89-8 56 85-232, Fax: ++49-(0)89-8 59
74 22.

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