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Please email me any updates you may know of.... WEB sites may post this if
they wish.

Contact the Rapid Prototyping Association (RPA) of SME, phone (313) 271-1500,
fax (313) 271-2861, and ask for Kristen Dudash, RPA/SME association manager.
She will send you a Bibliography of Rapid Prototyping Resources, which lists
books, articles, technical papers, etc., that were published from 1990
through 1993.
At one time, it was available free of charge to RPA/SME members

Another RP/SFF book is entitled "Solid Freeform Manufacturing - Advanced Rapid
Manufacturing," edited by Detlef Kochan, University of Dresden (Germany),
published by Elsevier Science Publishers (The Netherlands) 1993, This book is
volume 19 in a series on Manufacturing Research and Technology. The address
for this publication is ELSEVIER SCIENCE PUBLISHERS B.V.
Sara Burgerhartstraat 25 PO Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Always good info in research dissertations. Contact your local library for
an interlibrary loan if possible. Great example is James Christian Nelson,
"Selective Laser Sintering: A Definition of the
Process and an Empirical Sintering Model", 1993 You can order a copy from
UMI (1-800-521-3042) which is print of a microfilm master.

Rapid Prototyping Systems: Fast Track to Product Realization, 200 pages, hard
cover, published by SME in cooperation with RPA/SME, copyright 1994.

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Fundamentals of Stereolithography
By Paul Jacobs $52.00 Published by SME

"Stereolithography and other RP&M Technologies - from Rapid Prototyping to
Rapid Tooling", Paul F. Jacobs, PhD, ASME Press ISBN 0-87263-467-1

Principles of Computer Automated Fabrication
Publisher: Palatino Press Incorporated
Author: Johnson JL ISBN #: 0961800534 Price (was): $175

Automated Fabrication
By Marshall Burns Prentice Hall You might want to take a look at

D. Kochan
Solid Freeform Manufacturing
1993 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
ISBN: 0 444 89652 X

Prof. Oyvind Bjorke
Layer Manufacturing
Tapir Publisher, 1992
ISBN: 82-519-1125-7

Rapid Automated Systems: An Introduction, by Lamont Wood, 141 pages,
hardcover, published by Industrial Press Inc., New York, NY, copyright 1993.

EARP document titled DATA EXCHANGE FOR RAPID PROTOTYPING is now available
for access from anywhere on the Internet. The details are as
follows: Anonymous FTP to The document is available
in the Step directory as an ASCII file in earp_dataexch.txt
and as a Word-for-Windows file in earp_dataexch.doc

Rapid Prototyping Report
Geoff Smith-Moritz, Editor
CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc,
1010 Turquoise Street, Suite 320
San Diego, CA 92109 U.S.A.
Telephone: (619) 488 0533 FAX: (619) 488-6052
Web site:

Developments in Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Graham Bennett, Mechanical
Engineering Publications Limited, Bury St Edmunds and London, UK

**Proceedings of the SFF Symposium, 1990-1997 (available on the web at

**J.J. Beaman, J. W. Barlow, D.L. Bourell, R.H. Crawford, H. L. Marcus,
K.P. McAlea, "Solid Freeform Fabrication: A New Direction In
Manufacturing", Kluwer Academic Press, Boston, 1997, 330 pages.

Rapid Prototyping & Tooling State of the Industry: 1998 Worldwide Progress
Report. The 204-page soft-bound publication includes 28 charts and graphs,
16 tables, and 34 photographs and illustrations. The report sells for $295
in the US; $325 for orders outside the US. Additional information is
available at or send an inquiry to

Rapid Prototyping Journal ISSN 1355-2546
MCB University Press Limited Fax: (44) 1274 785200
Ian Campbell, Editor

Time-Compression Technologies is a bi-monthly magazine covering not just
Rapid Prototyping but anything that can help streamline the product
development process: CAD, CAM, Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Tooling,
Short Run Production etc. They provide a Directory of North American and
European products and services every year. The good news is that this
publication is FREE OF CHARGE to qualified subscribers. Email Mark
Littlewood ( with your name, job title,
company details, telephone, fax number and, slightly bizarrely, your
mother's maiden name. Please also include the message, "I wish to subscribe
to Time-Compression Technologies magazine". For more information about the
rp-ml, see The title is "Le prototypage rapide"

Rapid Prototyping: A Unique Approach to Diagnosis and Planning of Medical
Procedures, by Kevin McAloon

Rapid Prototyping in Europe and Japan -- JTEC/WTEC Panel Report Available
from SME.

Designing Parts with SolidWorks is intended for beginners.
The book can be ordered directly from CAD/CAM Publishing. The Web site is Or call 619/488-0533. You can also get it
through Amazon Books, if you prefer to order that way. Roy Wysack

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
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Clemson University Laboratory to Advance Industrial Prototyping
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