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> Greg.
> My name is Ricardo Romero, my Email is
> I live in Venezuela and I am currently involved in a project for low
> income families that deserve medical attention and can not afford it.
> Even though I am a Civil Egineer, I have close ties with physicians to
> develop a program to locally manufacture prosthesis (orthopedical) at
> low cost.
> As I searched the web, I found your page and I though you could help.
> In short, what I need is
> a) From two X-ray pictures (orthogonal), scan those prints and create a
> digital mesh in 3 D of the patient's bone
> b) digitalize a standard prosthesis and modified it in my PC to fit the
> patient's bone
> c) mill it using the information of the "personalized " prosthesis.
> I see in your web page that equipment and software for processes b and c
> seems to be readily available.
> How about part a ?.
> Please respond to this mail. Your expertise and advise is greatly
> appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> R.Romero

 Hi Ricardo,
I will be happy to help you with this project in any way I can.

I have not worked with X-ray applications before so I think that I may have
more questions to ask then I can answer for you. But I'm sure that there
people on the RPLM (Rapid Prototypeing Mailing List) that are very
knowledgeable about it.

I do know that CT scan data is often used for getting 3D models. I am not
sure what you mean by "orthogonal".

Best Regards

Greg Pettengill
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