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Re: The OLE feature for CAD world, A cut from the fresh upFront.eZine NEWS
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Issue #112 -- Tuesday, 16 June 1998

Intergraph Patents Part of DMAC
Intergraph has asserted patent rights on some of OLE for
Design and Modeling (DMAC). DMAC began a couple of years ago
as a method to extend OLE (Microsoft's object linking and
embedding) to 3D CAD models. Its purpose is to become a
standard that allows competing CAD packages communicate with
each other via COM (common object model) -- without the need
for drawing translation. In addition, third-party developers
can write a one set of apps that communicate with all DMAC-
compatible CAD packages -- without needing to be recompiled
or rewritten.
Intergraph began the idea of DMAC and implemented it in
the Solid Edge solids modeler; the software has since been
sold to Unigraphics. Third-party developers "who used DMAC
to communicate with Solid Edge starting in mid '97 were
totally insulated from the change from ACIS to ParaSolid,"
according to Unigraphics. According to the DMAC Web site,
there are four advantages to OLE for D&M:
+ No data translation, since the CAD model represented in
the container is still using the data structures of the
server application.
+ The 3D model in the downstream application is always kept
current with design changes in the CAD model.
+ A container can connect to any number of servers so that a
collection of related geometry from different systems can be
displayed in the container's window.
+ Users can integrate the best software tools to meet their
engineering needs.
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