Rapid Tool & Keltool

From: LEMS.BLR@RMD.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net.in
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 17:43:57 EEST

We are a goverment aided Institute that caters to the need of the industry.
We have been evaluating various RP processes . We have received different
opinions on Rapid tool and Keltool.

If anybody out there has actual usage experience on Rapid tool or Keltool
please do respond to us. Our areas of concern frankly, Accuracy ,Reccomended
Size of parts ,Running costs, Process costs Vs CNC Tooling.

We would be grateful if a Actual user of rapid tool were to share his/her

Similarily . Is there anybody there who has any opinions/experience with the
Keltool process.

Is 3D systems licensing the Keltool process in other countries and approx cost
involved for such an investment .

Our aim is to get a first hand user feedback on the above processes, get to
know the limitations beforehand of both the processes .

Dr Sudesh Kumar
Shriram Institute of Industrial Research
Whitefield 560048.

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