Re: Cost difference between SLA and SLS

Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 21:37:02 EEST

> Hello,
> I recently received two quotes to produce a rapid prototype part which was
> cylindrical in nature with a diameter of about 50mm and a height of 8mm.
> The SLA quote came back at $250 and the SLS quote was only $45. Why is
> there such a large difference in cost. Is the SLA material liquid gold?

This is a case of someone who is hungy and someone who is not. It is rare to
get a quote from any RP bureau, regardless of material or technology, for a
dollar amount less than $200. I'm not sure about your quantities, but the $45 is
low for SLS as well. Usually, SLS and SLA are comperable in price, delivery
time and accuracy (with the variable being geometry). SLA is better in
precision and detail. SLS in strength.

David Leigh

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