RE: Cost difference between SLA and SLS

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 22:53:47 EEST

Good afternoon Jeff....

I'd be willing to bet the price difference comes from being able to put
a small part like this into the work volume where ever it may fit. The
SLS process does not require the supports that SLA sometimes does, as
well as the ability to "stack" parts in the part bed. I often
capitalize on un-occupied space even if it's nesting it inside another
part (such as a valve body that is open in the center). This allows you
to pack the part bed and optimize your build.

Hope this helps...any info from other folks??


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> Subject: Cost difference between SLA and SLS
> Hello,
> I recently received two quotes to produce a rapid prototype part which
> was cylindrical in nature with a diameter of about 50mm and a height
> of
> 8mm. The SLA quote came back at $250 and the SLS quote was only $45.
> Why is there such a large difference in cost. Is the SLA material
> liquid gold?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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