Re: Cost difference between SLA and SLS

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 01:23:15 EEST

Neil responded:

>The simple answer is yes. Additionally with SLA there are also a number of
>resin disposal problems and post curing operations that "justify" the
>difference in cost.
Sorry - this is not the case. Resin disposal and post curing time have
absolutely no impact on any time and cost difference. SLS has different
post finishing issues that pretty much equal out the time.

As for the resin disposal, it is only an issue in the liquid form. As a
liquid, the same disposal issues for SLA resin apply as to simple
degreasers, etc. that are redily found in most any RP shop regardless of
technology used.

The real answer was stated earlier by Roger and others. Simply a function of
'opportunity cost.'


Brad Fox
Rapid Design

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