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Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 12:54:00 EEST

jeff markus wrote: (

Why is the cost of sla like liquid gold?

Why not ask the company that quoted you to explain their reason?

For Pera I would have quoted the following prices:

$195 for the part to be built on its own for maximum turn around
$135 if it was to share the build volume with another company
$108 if it was to share the build volume with two other companies

Our costs are split between dead time and part scanning time.
The dead time is made up from Post Dip Delay time, Platen Dipping, Recoater
Sweeping and finally Z Wait before the next layer is scanned.

The dead time is an overhead that some companies treat differently as to how
they pass it on to their clients.

the best scenario that you could get with us would be if we had a build
ready to go in the afternoon and you asked us to quote in the morning. then
that customer has already paid for the Dead Time and if the addition of
your part would not delay his delivery times then a quote of just the
scanning time and post cleanup would be given $40.

This however would not be invoiced separately as it would cost us more to
process through accounts. Depending on how many jobs/parts that you would be
needing during a set period an arrangement would be tailored to benefit both

Jan Andrzejewski
RP Operations Manager

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