Re: Low cost RP concept model making device

From: Mark Henderson (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 18:55:35 EEST

After returning recently from the RP conference in Dearborn and our
experience here I would recommend looking at

Stratasys Genisys (
ZCorp 3D Printer (

These are both in the same machine price ballpark, however the costs
of making the models and the speeds are very different.


At 10:41 PM 6/17/98 +0800, Sin Wing CHAN (MED) wrote:
>Dear RPers,
>Can anybody tell me that, except 3D's Actua System, is there any other
>systems which can be used to produce low cost, rapid and accurate
>concept model? If yes, can I have the contact points.
>Best Regards
>Norman Chan
>Hong Kong Rapid Prototyping Technology Centre
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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