Fabbers in the news

From: Marshall Burns (marshall@ennex.com)
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 03:49:24 EEST

The fabricator industry made a good impression today in the midst of a
generally bad day on Wall street. The following paragraph was included
in a news item about the Dow dropping 207 points today:

   Among the many losses - including a $1.50 ding that took biotech
giant Amgen
Inc.'s shares down to $62.06 - were a few bright spots. Most notably, 3D

Systems Corp. of Valencia rose 43.75 cents to close at $11.50, on news
Hitachi Zosen will sell and service one of its "three-dimensional
printers" in
Japan. 3D makes stereolithography devices that create rapid, plastic
from digital design files.

Marshall Burns

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