SLA250 laser power

From: Drew Brown (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 14:55:08 EEST

SLA250 users:

A few days ago I put out a note on high laser power readings for the
SLA250. Since then I have found out that there is a limit in the SLA250
build station software which tells the scanner controller to park if the
sensors read 50 mW or greater. This may be the case for only some
machines (haven't yet determined if age is contributing factor). If you
are considering higher power lasers you will need to perform a test on
your machine by setting up a build and changing the sensor calibration
to read higher power (greater than 50 mW), if the machine pauses during
loading then you will have the same problem with a higher powered laser.

For all those interested in putting higher powered lasers on there
machines please be informed of this situation, we are still trying to
determine the "work around" for it on our machine. I believe there is a
way to change the scanner controller to double its speed in which the
laser calibration can be cut in half to compensate for it. If anyone has
any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all those who have contributed. I will keep the list
informed as we find resolution.

Drew Brown
Conceptual Reality L.L.C.

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