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Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 17:47:35 EEST

peter williams wrote:

> Are there any Catia users out there that that know off a Catia users forum
> mailing list?
> Q- We are running Catia on SGIs and are trying to find the best method for
> tranlating files for our toolmakers in HK. that use Pro-Engineer. They need
> to be able to create a solid from our file for there tool design. We have
> tried IGES. but they have problems with overlaping edges and bad geometry.
> Has anyone any experiance with a similar situation?
> Kind Regards
> Peter Williams.
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Peter :

I have been a CATIA user for some time and whenever I need to make a
translation (get out CAD data from CATIA) it seems to be a matter of quality
in the CATIA surfaces, the specialized converter can help you a lot but it
won't correct any geometry, so first, make sure your CATIA model don't have
overlaping surfaces and /or gaps.
For Pro/E, for example, there is an utility converter called " pro_from_cat
", it works very well, so if the CATIA model is Ok, you can get a solid
in Pro/E very quickly with out the need to IGES.

I hope this help,

Good Luck

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