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From: Andy Christensen (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 19:31:04 EEST

Shreyas J Bakshi Wrote:

> We have a FDM 1650 with investment casting wax head. We are looking for
> a small investment casting equipment to support this facility. Small, in
> terms of size & volume (1 to 5 castings per part).
> I would appreciate if any user can share his experience in this aspect.
> Also,
> please recommend the manufacturer (with contact details) for me to
> initiate procurement dialogue.

Gabriel Chu Wrote:

> At dental school, we use centrifugal force casting machines that is about
> 4'x4'x2' to cast dental crowns and denture frames.

I think Gabe's on the right track. The casting equipment used in the
dental field is fairly small. I've seen them used for gold, stainless,
cobalt chrome, etc.

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