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Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 18:46:42 EEST

Marshall Burns wrote:
> Shreyas J Bakshi wrote:
> > We have a FDM 1650 with investment casting wax head. We are looking for
> > a small investment casting equipment to support this facility. I would
> > appreciate if any user can share his experience in this aspect. Also,
> I am also interested in the responses to this question. Not that we
> intend to do investment casting at Ennex, but I am interested in what might
> be meant by a "small" investment casting facility. Foundries I have seen
> are all big, dirty, factories. Is there a more office-friendly way to do
> investment casting if your patterns are small?
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There is no longer any reason for foundries to to big dirty places!

True, some still are but many aren't. With contained processes, constant
sweeping and environmental monitoring some are becoming more like labs.

Just look at GM's Saturn facility with zero discharge. Ford's Winsdor
facility or even locally to us (LA) Dameron Alloys in Compton.

Later this summer I will be going down to Callaway's new $6 million
R&D Investment foundry. You can bet that it is as clean as they come.

A small "table top" setup can be very easily done on the level of a
residential hobbist's pottery studio using a solid flask (or even a
ceramic shell ) method, gentle steam dewaxing with a unit that is about
12x14 inches (footprint), a potter's kiln (24-36" diameter) or small lab
oven, with Vac. assisted or centrifugal casting and a small metal
furnance (that can be the size of a german beer stein).

Think about the dental lab industry as the scenario, not the local

You won't be doing titanium but you can be casting AL and the bronzes.

have fun.

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