RE: Thermal post-curing SL parts

Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 03:44:31 EEST

Hiya Andy,

No, it is the new Ciba humidity-resistant stuff for 500s. 3D's data
sheet shows a Tg of 68C with a UV post cure and 88C if thermal cured for
2 hours at 80C.

It seems to me that one would have to "sneak-up" on the 80C number if
the initial Tg is only 68C. If not, wouldn't you have a blob in the

I'm looking for a recipe like "65C for 30 min, 70C for 30 min, 80C for 2
hours" or something like that. Also, some failure modes to expect
(e.g., distortion, dimensional instability) from someone who has done
this before.

Dan Davis
Head, RP&M Division
Hicom Industrial Estate
Batu Tiga, PO Box 7100
Shah Alam, 40918 Selangor MALAYSIA
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> Hey dan!
> Is that the former Allied Signa' stuff. HIgh temp etc. WE used to use
> an oven.
> 120 degrees for half hour to hour. Be aware that it might change your
> dimensions/scale factors.
> Andy

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