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From: michael rees (
Date: Sat Jun 20 1998 - 02:35:20 EEST

> My own contribution:
> These four are indeed the currently available concept modellers based on
> LMT (Layered Manufacturing Technique). The Modelmaker stands apart here,
> as is is primarily accurate, and not fast. Your requirement for both rapid and
> accurate will be difficult to achieve).
> Please do also consider using CNC based RP systems for concept
> modelling. These are cheaper by far, and offer a free choice between
> speed and accuracy. Which type is better (LMT or CNC) depends on the
> type of model that you need: LMT is best for small, geometry with many
> inner details (thin walled), CNC is best for styling block models (solid).
> Best Regards,
> Lex Lennings.

Dear lex and list,

I have studied 3 axis-5 axis machining searching for this less expensive
way to accomplish what you describe. I have not found that for my
application (highly convoluted and complex sculpture) that machining is
cheaper or faster. A couple of 5 axis job shops have even recommended
that I build my parts with SLA (can you imagine what a 6' sla sculpture
would cost? ouch.) I am quickly coming to the conclusion that in terms
of ease of use, precision, and speed there are no processes that I am
aware of that can touch rapid prototyping. (cost for parts that fit the
build envelope aren't bad either).

Now, my major issues are size. As I look to scale these parts from 24"
to 72", the cost looks prohibitive. I'm wondering when a company such as
z corp will go to a larger build envelope.


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