Backdoor to save .UNV in Ideas

From: Jesper Damvig (
Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 13:32:17 EEST

Hi List

Here is a littel magic trick to work around the problem of not being abel to write
a .UNV file in IDEAS.

Like in all softwares the programmer lives a back door open, just in case
he needs to go back to the good old stuff again.

First of all i have to give a good advise to peopel working with IDEAS.

when you are swapping data with other ideas users that is not a member of your
team (another companny) use the UNV then you donīt screw up your or their
databaser by moving copying ect files from /ideas/modelfiles.
When you make a UNV file it is not effecting your team data manager,
soo you can delete it from your unix promt without getting ponnished by ideas.

First press Ctrl and m, to get the menu activated.
In the command promt write the command /xto (press enter)
then go to the menu and select the (file menu)
then go to EA-Export App data.
And guess what youīre inn.

Word of advise

First press the all bottom, then write the name of the .unv file you wish to make
ex. (blablabla.unv) and then ok.

It is possibel to just pick a singel model in the .UNV menu but please
renember also to add the ideas config files (called something you did not write)

Thatīs all for now

Have a great summer


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+45 43 993736

Ps. To all, watch out for the new virus called (win a holliday) it is the mother of junk.
It will delete your disk totally. Donīt read it and Donīt read the message saying
(returned or unabel to deliver) it is the sure death compared to the 2k problem.

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