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4D design, inc.
110 Round Rock, Texas 78664

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4D design inc., an Austin based product design and development company
specializing in industrial and mechanical design and prototyping, was awarded a
Design Award for Business & Industrial Equipment in the 19th Annual 1998
Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA98). The IDEA has become the
world's most prestigious International recognition for excellence in the field of
professional design. The award was presented by the Industrial Designers Society
of America and sponsored by Business Week. A jury of 13 selected winners
during two-and-a-half days of intensive evaluation and debate. 4D design inc., was
honored out of a record breaking 1,031 entries.

Xplore Gensys, the award-winning project designed by 4D-design inc., for Xplore
Technologies, with offices in both Austin and Canada. Xplore Genesys is a
pen-tablet computer designed to help utility workers access and input data from the
field. Xplore Gensys has a ruggedized design to withstand the wear and tear of day
to day use in the field. Its magnesium case is tough and withstands environmental
extremes better than average units of its type. The Xpod accessory module attaches
to provide connection to any peripheral as well as GPS, LAN, radio and other

"We believe in the philosophy of concurrent conceptualzing as well as concurrent
engineering. Our philosophy optimizes product implementation as opposed to
compromising. We had both ID and engineering in on this from day one which
allowed us to balance aestheics, ergonomics, manufacturablity and cost,"
commented Dan Swindler President of 4D design, inc. and the lead engineer on the

The Industrial design team was lead by Glen Clifton. "We succeeded in designing
the Levi jeans of computers - comfortable, hard wearing, functional and cool."

4D design, inc. is a privately owned company committed to providing leading edge
Industrial Design, mechanical design analysis, product development, model,
prototypes, to their wide array of clients. The main office is located at 13091 Pond
Springs Rd. Suite #300, Austin, Texas 78729. 4D design has produced a number of
other outstanding Industrial Design and engineering projects. For more information
on 4D design and their revolutionary designs visit their web site at or call 512-218-0100.
For further details on IDEA award winners can be found at or see
the May 15th issue of Business Week

Autumn L. Wood

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