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Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 18:33:24 EEST

I have questions about operating DTM SLS equipment for all of you out there
using it. I have the numbers regarding operating expenses for the 2500 from
DTM but would like to verify/ have independednt input from the real users.

I would like to know the following:

a) What is the average material cost per hour(lets say plastic duraform or
whatever you use most, if you use metal powder or other material please
state that also.)? I understand that per hour cost is rather a broad
generalization given the part geoemetry etc. etc. But over say a period of
month or 6 months or a year what does it come down to roughly?

b) What was ramp up time in terms of machine usage:
        1. The first year
        2. Second year
        3. Third year ... etc. if different from prev years.

        No of hrs of opn, down time (maintenance), material switching, and idle

c) What were other operating costs and what did they amount to. I am only
referring to costs like nitrogen usage, tools and other direct operations
realted costs - not man power, design, computer, stl file fixing etc...

The PRISM Consortium (PARC) is seriously considering buying/leasing a DTM
and we would appreciate your input.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear List,

Could any practitioners of the SLS RapidTool process answer the following:

Mechanical properties of the brown part
Pore size and structure of the brown part
Surface finish of brown part
Dimensional change on burnout/sintering when moving from green to brown part
(is it a global figure or geometry dependant? How is the figure
Rough cost per unit volume of brown part (ie cost to build a 100mm cube)
Particle size of metal powder (what options are available)
What is the metal powder (what options are available)
What is the binder

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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