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I would like to continue to add to this posting if any of you have been
away on vacation and would like to contribute.

Job One:
RP manager or 'SLA Program Manager'. Salary range is $55K
We've got the one SLA and do work for a number of
sites. The technician who operates the machine, preps files, cleans up
parts, etc reports to me. I've got 7 yrs in RP so far, with a BSME and
an MS in IMSE.
Job Two:
My job is RP Everything (except CAD). I work solo with two RP
machines, which my employer thinks is worth $47,373 a year. When I
applied for the job, the interviewer asked only if I knew DOS.
Job Description: Build models of mechanical parts from CAD design data
using Rapid Prototyping equipment. Use system software to prepare input data.
Schedule work to meet customer requirements. Keep records of incoming
jobs and archives of data files. Comply with environmental and safety
requirements..This job is approximately 30% computer work, 50% hands-on
bench work, and 20% customer interface.
Minimum Skills
1. Familiarity with rudimentary DOS or UNIX commands.
2. Familiarity with 3D CAD packages.
3. Background as machine shop bench mechanic on small articles or as
        hobbyist model builder.
4. Chemical handling and safety procedures equivalent to high school
       level chemistry lab experience.
Additional Abilities Desired
1. System administrator level knowledge of DOS and UNIX operating
2. Parametric and explicit solids design with ComputerVison.
3. Self-motivated with ability to resolve problems without
Additional Job Requirements
1. Adherence to chemical handling and lab safety procedures.
2. Training in proper handling of hazardous materials and disposal of
       hazardous waste.
3. Record keeping and administrative duties, ordering of materials
       and supplies.
4. Must be able to perform detailed finishing of small and delicate
       parts using hand tools.
5. Equipment maintenance and repairs, housekeeping.
6. Computer file maintenance.
7. Due to the nature of the chemicals used, this job is not
       recommended for wearers of contact lenses.

Job 3:
Non-US Based RP People:
RP operator: US 800.00
RP Manager:US 2600.00
RP post processor: US 800.00
RP CAD:US US 800.00
RP technician US 1000
Job 4:
RP operator: 40-45K
RP Manager: 55-70K
RP post processor: 25-30K
RP CAD: 32-45K
RP technician: 35-45K
Job 5:
RP operator:
Anywhere from $7/hr. to 36k/year. $7/hr will clean
machine, perform rough break-out. 36K will set up build, schedule part
builds, verify shrinkage, etc. Education is not important. Good math and
spacial skills needed for higher salary.

Job 6:
RP Manager:
For a large number of machines, with control of customer
service, would start at 45k with at least 5 years experience in RP field.
60k is more like it with ME or equiv. degree and experience at one of the
big guys (GM lab, 3D, DTM, Helisys, Boeing, etc.)
RP post processor: $12/hr. is good average.
RP CAD: $25/hr for Pro/E trained draftsman(or woman)
RP technician $7/hr. for cleanup, etc., $10/hr. for build maintenance.

June 18,1998 updates

Job 7:
RP Technician: $35K
A motivated, self-starter for our Rapid Prototyping Laboratory team.
Successful candidate will have 6 months minimum experience with 3D Systems
stereolithography equipment (setup and part finishing), UNIX/DOS
proficiency, and 3D solids CAD experience (preferably Pro/Engineer or
Unigraphics). Strong mechanical aptitude, ability to work with hand and
power tools and problem solving abilities are necessary. Position
responsibilities include part setup, SL equipment operation and
part post-processing.

Job 8:
Job description: Senior Mechanical / Machinist Technician
Duties: Formal and informal instruction of upper
undergrad., grad., and post-doc. students, faculty, and staff. Continuing
Ed. for engineers in industry. Instruction involves manufacturing methods,
equipment utilization, tooling, design for manufacturibility, design of
space flight hardware, and other topics, on an as-needed basis. Other duties
include manufacturing flight hardware and other devices and systems for
student and faculty research projects. Responsible for the repair and
maintenance of Dept. and College-owned laboratory equipment.  Other
duties on an as-required basis.
Salary range: 27K to 38.5K  (No, I don't do it for the money)
Education requirements: BS in ME + 5 yrs in related machining field; 2 yrs
technical training +10(or more) yrs as toolmaker, instrument maker or
modelmaker and  teacher's certs. While we do not currently own any
RP equipment, I am often the one to arrange to have RP work done elsewhere,
and will likely be responsible for the operation of what equipment we wind
up getting.

Job 9:
Job Description: Design engineer / network systems administrator / rapid
prototyping (director, operator, tour guide)
Duties: Mechanical and Electro-mechanical design (mostly using Pro/E and
Mechanica) Sys Admin for 125+ users (Novell, IRIX, Win95 and NT operating
systems) All aspects of rapid prototyping (see above Job Description),
using a Stratasys 8000 and SLA 250/50
Salary Range: All this for only 57K / year
Education Requirements: After reading what my job description is, and how
little I am paid to do it, you probably wonder if I've had any
education...but I think it requires a BS Engineering as a minimum.

Job 10:
Job description: Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab Technician
Duties: Maintain and operate equipment, industrial robot, RP machinery,
CMM, Talysurf, data preparation, CAD, mouldmaking, Rapid Tools
Salary range around US$40-50k pa
Education requirements University Graduate (M.Sc. preferred)

Job 11:
Job description: Head of Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing division
Duties: Set up and run the day-to-day activities of the division (which is
also a service bureau to outside customers), including scheduling,
negotiation, limited bookkeeping, sales projections, etc.. Transfer my
knowledge of RP&M to local staff, including tips & tricks used in SL, LOM,
metal casting, plastic casting, CAD/CAM/CAE.
Salary range: US$80,000-110,000
Education requirements: no written requirements, but my background is
 -- BSME (heavy on manufacturing), MSISD (instructional systems design
 or "how adults learn"), 12 years experience.

Job 12:
1. Job Description/Title: Tooling/Manufacturing Engineer

2. Duties: Key job responsibilities include knowledge of advanced CAD/CAM
systems, machining processes, tooling techniques, structural stresses, and
design engineering to compare and evaluate all data available to make the
appropriate decisions to create 2-D and 3-D CAD/CAM tool and part models for
machining or design. Make technical decisions based upon fit, form,
function, manufacturability, expected quality, cost effectiveness, shop
capabilities, user skills, safety, and ergonomics. Produce electronic
tools, provide technical support, and furnish N/C programs and rapid
prototype (e.g. stereolithography) models to tooling and experimental
departments for machining and fabrication of master tooling, assembly
tooling, metal removal fixtures, forming tools, molds and mold patterns,
inspection equipment, etc. Coordinate with product engineering, advanced
manufacturing engineering, production engineering, and tooling and
experimental departments to resolve issues prior to tool fabrication and
during tool proving. Work area project assignments as needed to improve
and/or maintain departmental capability.

3. Salary range: Depends upon job grade and work experience, but typical
ranges for salaried employees are:
Entry level - 5 years (Grade 20): $29,500 - $49,100
5 - 7 years (Grade 18): $35,000 - $58,200
7+ years (Grade 16): $41,600 - $69,500

4. Education requirements: Prefer bachelor's degree in related field, but
work experience may substitute.

Job 13: Field Service Representative Salary Range: $36k-48k
Job duties include:
Provide troubleshooting support for customers.
Travel extensively to customer sites to perform routine maintenance,
installation and preventative maintenance of machines.
Communicate with customers to schedule maintenance and service calls.

Skills required: Must possess excellent communication skills, and have the
ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Knowledge of
electro/mechanical hardware and electronic circuit theory is
required along with the ability to read and interpret system schematic
diagrams, engineering drawings, and handbooks. Experienced in the operation
and use of a variety of diagnostic equipment. Experience in Customer
Service is required. A working knowledge of Windows, UNIX and PLC code is
a plus.

Education: Technical degree with 2 to 4 years field service experience

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