Urethane Castings Vendor List

From: Guy.Bourdeau@coulter.com
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 21:06:35 EEST

I am trying to establish a new vendor base for Coulter Corp. of part
produced from silicone rubber molds and casted in urethanes or other
production like materials. I am asking for a list of vendor or service
bureau I can evaluate and possibly add to our vendor base. We are looking
for high quality of complex geometry's produce through the use of silicone
rubber tooling for low to medium volume runs. Another issue is a quick turn
around generally of less then 2 weeks. Please send me a promotional
package to the address below. I will entertain Email and phone calls but
will not act without a mailing.

Thank you,
Guy E. Bourdeau
Coulter Corporation
11800 SW 147th Ave. M/C: 12-A02
Miami, FL. 33196-2500
Phone: (305) 380-3806
Fax: (305) 380-4571
Email: guy.bourdeau@coulter.com

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